The Neeshcast

The Best of Indie, Unsigned, DIY, Underground Tunes! Wednesday nights on Radio Xenu

The official Neeshcast Podcast website is live!

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Official Website Under Construction, Episodes Still Coming!

Ah, episode #11 just premiered on Radio Xenu and I realized, this page is severely outdated! Every single week a new episode premieres on RX Wednesday nights at 10pm EST. … Continue reading

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KOB412 Podcast with Bryan and Chance Interviews Neesh!

I was blessed with the opportunity to take KOB412 Podcast‘s chick virginity on their 22nd episode! Check it out, and be sure to leave them a comment with your thoughts!

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Neeshcast #7: Time To Do Or Die, There’s No In Between

Episode Lucky Number 7! It was scheduled to premiere on Radio Xenu during my regular time on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012, however, I ran into some technical difficulties. ThePipShow saved … Continue reading

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Neeshcast #6: The Nights We’d Never Give Away

This week I took a trip down memory lane and celebrated Julys past. [audio’d%20Never%20Give%20Away.mp3] Download Episode (right click “save as”) Between discussion and “interview” clips I spun: Coheed and Cambria – … Continue reading

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Neeshcast #5: I Can’t Believe They’d Let You Speak

The Neeshcast is back, and on the radio! Tune into RadioXenu (online or mobile) Wednesday nights from 10pm EST to midnight for your weekly dose of under-the-radar independent (and for the most part, free) tunes! Download … Continue reading

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Neeshcast #4: Session 606 – REBIRTH live video broadcast

On May 22, 2012 – Session 606 and I released his debut studio EP. To celebrate, I drove down to his place in PA and put on a special live … Continue reading

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Editorial: A New Beginning

This so perfectly illustrates my feelings today. I’m in the business of connecting people, through music, to each other, and to music. I’ve been doing this for well over 7 … Continue reading

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Neeshcast #3: It’s Never Too Late To Learn

I made a third podcast! Made an art project out of the cover too! [audio] Download episode Recorded: April 25, 2012. This may very well be the last Neeshcast… at … Continue reading

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Neeshcast #2: We’ll Sleep When We Are Dead

During my second attempt at a podcast I discussed an array of topics. Got kind of emotional in the middle. Most importantly, I shared some great tunes! [audio] Download episode … Continue reading

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