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Neeshcast #7: Time To Do Or Die, There’s No In Between

Episode Lucky Number 7! It was scheduled to premiere on Radio Xenu during my regular time on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012, however, I ran into some technical difficulties. ThePipShow saved the day, pushing his regular Thursday night show back two hours to squeeze in the premiere of this Neeshcast episode! I couldn’t possibly wait until next Wednesday, the excitement was killing me! I’m absolutely in love with this playlist. I really love the way it came together. I hope upon listening, you’ll walk away with a new favorite jam!

Download Episode
(right click “save as”)

  1. Hudson Hank – “Earthbone” *
  2. The Dear Hunter – “Red Hands” (demo)
  3. Time Travels – “You’re no Cary Grant… she said.” (demo) *
  4. The Grape And The Grain – “Keeps Me In My Place”
  5. Nightmares For A Week – “Veins”
  6. Anadivine – “Emily”
  7. Nightmare Of You – “Give Us A Kiss”
  8. The Rookie Lot – “Museums”
  9. Southtowne Lanes – “Iron Rod” *
  10. Shark Bait – “Inside Your Head” *
  11. Rookie Town – “Sink” *
  12. Dikembe – “Not Today, Angel”
  13. Old Gray – “Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth” *
  14. Loyal Wife – “Cut The Rope”
  15. Texas Is The Reason – “Johnny On The Spot”
  16. Athletics – “III” *
  17. The City Never Sleeps – “We Own Nothing”
  18. Happy Body Slow Brain – “Everything You Know”
  19. Tidal Arms – “The Sun Exploding”
  20. Thank You Scientist – “Blood on the Radio”
  21. 3 – “Numbers” *
  22. No Use For A Name – “International You Day”

*free MP3 download link on

As always you can find the links to the artists’ bandcamp, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and soundcloud accounts in Artist Links.

Intro: instrumental by Anthony Masington and Josh Eppard. Words by Pip.

Song clips and background music: Coheed and Cambria, Riley Breckenridge, Budo, 3, Jawbreaker, Head Automatica

Make sure to tune into Radio Xenu every Wednesday at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central/8pm Mountain/7pm Pacific for new episodes of The Neeshcast! Endless thanks to Pip for saving the day, and also be on the lookout for KOB412 Podcast‘s interview with Neesh!

Rock on!


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